Our signature  Corn Spirits.  Made with Corn and Clover Honey,and then aged with Hickory to a mild, smooth flavor.

Mr. Sams Full Moon Shine. Clear and strong.

Touch of Honey sweet to make it smooth. Just as the man it was named after.

The flavor of the Islands..in a bottle. We hand mix 7 spices, fruits and essenses to create this heavenly concoction that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Our "Twist" on Apple Pie. We take a blended apple mix, and then add it to our 140 proof silver rum to keep it sweet and strong.

Made from Corn and pure Cane sugar, it comes out clean and fresh. Perfect for mixing, or on the rocks.

Hand Crafting Spirits is our Passion....

Bold, dark and tasteful. Molasses, Hickory smoke and vanilla attack your senses with the first taste. Treated with the same process as our signature Dark of the Moon Shine.

Pure, clear and un-watered down. We made the cut at 90 proof and bottled it. True molassess flavor with a smooth kick.